Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together law enforcement professionals, educators, support personnel, and individuals seeking law enforcement careers to benefit from our organization’s mentoring programs and expose them to statewide law enforcement issues. Our membership includes men and women from local, state and federal agencies, as well as educators, students and civilian personnel from within the criminal justice system. This diverse group allows our membership to enjoy networking and training opportunities. Many talented and experienced members offer unparalleled support to one another.

Our Goals

•Encourage members to set and actively pursue their own goals.
•Create a program for mentoring women in law enforcement.
•Provide a mechanism of advocacy and support for its members to voice
concerns and address issues
•Provide training that will develop its members.
•Establish a network of professionals to serve as a resource for developing skills,
professionalism and effective leadership.
•Assist and support its members in maintaining the balance between their
professional and personal lives.