2019 Conference Award nominations are now closed.

Any nominations received will go towards the 2020 conference.

KWLEN awards

Award nominees are selected by a committee appointed by the KWLEN
Board of Directors. Awards are given for outstanding leadership and visionary contributions to the law enforcement; actions, activities or achievements of individuals who have significantly contributed to women in law enforcement in Kentucky and actions or activities of persons who provide positive role models for our women in Kentucky law enforcement. Please consider potential candidates for the award categories during the upcoming year:

Public Safety Departmental Award:

Given to an organization that works to promote enthusiasm, harmony, gender equality and diversity in the organization and community as a whole. The nominee demonstrated an open attitude, attentiveness to community needs and concerns and a commitment to equitable treatment and the promotion of diversity. 

Member of the Year Award

Given to an individual who is a member in good standing of KWLEN and who had given direct and extraordinary support to KWLEN. This support includes but is not limited to the following: efforts such as advancing public awareness of KWLEN, serving on or providing support to KWLEN committees, leading or developing KWLEN initiatives or processes, identifying or establishing new services, or demonstrating a significant level of commitment to the organization. Significant contributions through dynamic and innovative leadership; mentoring support, and providing guidance to other women in the field; exceptional promotion of KWLEN; made an important and valued contribution to KWLEN. 

Lifetime Achievement Award (Founder’s Award)

This award will be given to those from any field including academia, business, government, public safety or law enforcement. Nominees must have no less than 20 years in direct support and/or service to the law enforcement community. Nominees should also be able to demonstrate a measurable support to KWLEN. Nominees must have made significant and meritorious contributions to the law enforcement community during his/her career. Professional actions or achievement that would qualify a nominee include but are not limited to the following: advanced, nurtured, and promoted the law enforcement profession; achieved notable publicity as a result of personal accomplishments; achieved recognition and respect from others (academic, government, etc); improved public understanding of the law enforcement community; practiced and advanced high ethical and professional standards. 

Leadership Award

This award will be given to an individual who consistently demonstrates extraordinary leadership skills and qualities. The award recipient exhibits qualities that promote exemplary work ethic, demonstrates initiative, encourages and mentors others, provides direction and support, promotes teamwork, and values diversity. The individual has gained the admiration and respect of others. This individual's actions exemplify a professional demeanor that is an obvious role model to others.

Police Officer of the Year Award

This award will be given to an officer dedicated to making better the lives of citizens in the communities in which they serve. Through individual deed(s), this officer symbolizes the profession of law enforcement. The Officer of the Year is an individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in carrying out their duty. Extraordinary valor, investigative work, community policing efforts, or other police endeavors of an outstanding nature will qualify for consideration of this award. This award denotes the highest level of achievement among officers. Nominations should be made for police endeavors that occurred between November 1, 2017 and August 1, 2018. Nominations may be made through normal submission process but must have signed endorsement from the agency head.

Benefactor Award

This award will be given to a citizen, community member, business, volunteer organization or other entity who supportive actions have had a positive impact on KWLEN, women in law enforcement, or the law enforcement community. The nominee demonstrates a continuing commitment to service and leadership to the police community. Active involvement on committees and other internal organizations as well as other examples of volunteerism are examples of relevant service activities.



This award will be given to a student (primary, secondary, college, graduate or post graduate) who has, through focused area(s) of study, a commitment to law enforcement or public safety. Recognition will be given to students for high academic achievement, student research or service to a law enforcement or public safety student organization.

Civilian employee award

This award will be given to a civilian employed in a law enforcement or public safety organization whose work is in direct support of the profession. Through individual deed(s), this person symbolizes dedication to the profession of law enforcement and the citizens in the communities in which they serve. This award winner is an individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in carrying our their duty.



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