The Kentucky Women's Law Enforcement Network not only supports Kentucky Law Enforcement, we also support various Kentucky groups, organizations and educational opportunities within the state.

Below are a few of these organizations.  


Southern police institute

Are you a female law enforcement supervisor looking to further your education and training? Consider applying for the Cynthia Jean and George Nichols, III AOC Scholarship through SPI! The goal of this scholarship is to increase the number of female law enforcement officers in supervisory, command, or administrative roles- and encourage law enforcement agencies to become more proactive in identifying and developing more women for command positions. Click on the link below to find out more about SPI or click on FORM for further scholarship information.


Kentucky peace officers association

Full-time, sworn peace officers in Kentucky from all walks are eligible for active membership. Those who are employed as full time law enforcement administrators or instructors are eligible for active membership provided they have been sworn peace officers prior to becoming an administrator and/or instructor. Retired peace officers are also eligible for active membership.


KY Sheriffs boys and girls ranch

Our 2017 State Conference service project benefited the KY Sheriff's Boys and Girls Ranch located in Gilbertsville, Kentucky. This Ranch strives to build children's self esteem, moral character and to teach respect for themselves, others and law enforcement. Learn more about this awesome ranch by clicking the link below!